Boys in Books are Better

by Carrie Hope Fletcher

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I wrote this song about a year ago because boys in books are always written better than the real life ones! Of course, it IS tongue in cheek is slightly true amirite? :P


It started off with Jacob but then Edward came along,
I had a thing for Emmet but my love for Jasper's strong,
And maybe even Carlisle no but that would just be strange,
These boys in books are better coz they're never gonna change,

I wish I was Hermione coz those Weasley boys are fit,
And I'd date Draco Malfoy if I thought he would commit,
Maybe Cedric Diggory, oh but he's in hufflepuff,
these boys in books are better and I just can't get enough,

of reading everything about them,
these guys i will always depend upon,
and maybe there's a boy out there just like them,
who's looking for a girl like bella swan,

these boys in books are better,
they'll be here forever,
we'll always be together,
and they can take me bowling,
if they were made up rowling

I was sold on Gale who's strong and brave and tall,
but then she gave us peter who I think confused us all,
but Finnick's where my heart is so Annie move aside,
Why can I have fallen for the ones that didn't die…

don't even get me started on pride and prejudice,
I've looked for mr darcy girls he really don't exist,
but then there's mr bingley so jane get out the way,
I love a bit of cheesiness
and I love a good cliche

So boys I hope you're taking notice,
I'm one in a huge majority,
I guess that I'm more of a luna lovegood,
but if you ask me nice I could be your ginny!

these boys in books are better,
they'll be here forever,
we'll always be together,
and you could be a player
but I don't care if you're from Meyer

Don't make me use Accio
Come on Darcy and please bring draco
Finnick's body, with Edward's looks,
Hurry up before I close the book….

these boys in books are better,
they'll be here forever,
we'll always be together,
You can be my man if you've been written by Suzanne!

I know it's an addiction but I'm in love with fiction
as long as I'm still breathing, I have to keep on reading,
and It's gonna be red-letter when I find a guy that's better than

Edward, Jacob, Emmett, Jasper,
Harry, Ron, Draco, Cedric,
Peter, Gale but I want Finnick,
Darcy, Bingley, Wickham no chance.


released January 12, 2013
Written and performed by Carrie Hope Fletcher
Produced by Alex Day
Artwork by Amelia Tindall




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