I'll Find A Way

by Carrie Hope Fletcher

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This is a song about finding things from past relationships that you love but not wanting to keep them because of the person who gave them to you.


I found your letters today
I hurts just to think I should throw them away
but I know yes I know Yes I know
I’ll find a way

There’s notes that you left in my books
I really should but I just couldn’t look
but I know yes I know yes i know
that I’ll find a way-ay-ay

Although I am over the things you have done
The trinkets you left are like prizes I’ve won
In a strange little game that I never wanted to play
But hey,
I’ll find a way.

Im rather fond of this scarf
you’d wear it all wrong so that you’d make me laugh

All of our sad souvenirs
Have sat out of sight out of mind for these years
But i’ll throw them away like I threw away time
on a boy who had tricked me to think he was mine
coz I’m finally happy with life as it is and he well he
he’ll find a way


released January 11, 2016
Written and Performed by Carrie Hope Fletcher
Produced by Pete Bucknall




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